March 2011

For anyone who has seen me crutching around campus or Brockton the past few weeks, you might note that my daily sprints and spirits have been sluggish.

Could it also be the post-Spring Break acknowledgement that we are in the final sprint towards summer vacation and my sprinting is severely restricted? But in my few “turning lemons into lemonade moments” I have realized two things. (more…)


Compiled by Work-Study/CBL Student Leader Molly McKitrick

Looking for post-grad service opportunities can be an overwhelming and daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start looking! Here are some popular service programs with diverse opportunities to help you get started on your search! (more…)

This entry is written by Professors Dana David-Walsh & Heather Perry, two faculty participants from last year’s Summer Institute.

We attended the CBL Summer Institute last summer in hopes that we would reinvigorate our Learning Community (LC).  The LC, Through the Looking Glass, has run each semester for the past 6 years. The course requires students to deeply explore various social policies through research and debate, and we felt that the students could not fully learn about social policy without direct experience with the populations the policies impact.


by Dr. Corey Dolgon

I am very excited tonight as I wind down the midnight hour with a little Wilson Pickett in the background. Spring break is over, mid-terms are coming in, and we are getting ready for the sprint towards semester’s end. (more…)